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7×24 Exchange in the Heart of the Data Center Capital of the World

The 7×24 Exchange Washington DC Chapter provides an educational forum bringing together Information Services/Technology and Facilities/Engineering/Real Estate of organizations to promote better understanding of the design, implementation and management issues involved in achieving high levels of uninterrupted infrastructure support.


The 7×24 Exchange Washington DC Chapter strives to provide informative, educational programs; remain focused on User’s needs, encourage vendors to add value through their involvement; prohibit direct or overt selling at chapter meetings and maintain a dialogue with the National and other chapters to share information on chapter issues. 

  • Will support 7×24 Exchange national’s mission and abide by its guidelines.
  • Will advance the latest developments in infrastructure reliability by collecting and disseminating statistics, case studies, guidelines, practices and standards for use by its members.
  • Will serve as an open forum to present topics relevant to infrastructure reliability.
  • Will keep its members abreast of related developments in allied professions and market sectors affecting end-to-end reliability of mission critical facilities especially the total convergence of technology.
  • Neither endorses nor permits members to use its meetings or mailing lists to sell or promote their products or services.

RSS Industry News from Mission Critical Magazine

  • Generators — Caterpillar January 19, 2022
    The Cat G3516 Fast Response generator set adds a 1.5 MW power node to Caterpillar's growing lineup of natural-gas power solutions, offering market-leading load acceptance, transient response, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification for mission critical applications. 
  • UPS System — Acumentrics January 18, 2022
    The half-rack UPS provides the autonomous power needed for small form factor networking, communication, and computer platforms that support “quick at the halt” and “on the move” mounted and dismounted tactical missions.
  • Rolls-Royce provides mtu Trigeneration Plant for Largest Data Center in Romania January 17, 2022
    The generator sets are based on mtu 20-V 4000 L64 FNER gas engines, which fulfil the strictest emissions standards, allow for quick ramp-up and ramp-down, offer a wide range of load operations, and high performance at high temperatures. 
  • UPS System — Eaton January 17, 2022
    The 5PX G2 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) delivers enhanced connectivity and cybersecurity protection for Eaton’s legacy 5PX UPS technology, making it ideal for users in distributed IT or edge environments.
  • Federal and State Agencies Face Many Challenges with Cloud Migration January 13, 2022
    Federal and State Agencies recently received a C- from U.S. Senate investigators on the Homeland Security Committee, failing to implement basic safeguards against cyberattacks and putting millions of Americans’ personal information at risk.
  • Will 2022 End Third-party Cookies and the Data Talent Shortage? January 12, 2022
    Snowplow outlined its top predictions on how data will reshape businesses in 2022.
  • Building the Foundation for Closed-Loop Automation January 12, 2022
    To achieve the scalability and flexibility that is needed by modern data centers, closed-loop automation is the key to network resources becoming as consumable as compute and storage.
  • 7x24 Purchases Capre January 11, 2022
     7x24 Exchange Intl. announced the purchase of Capre Omnimedia LLC assets. 
  • Going off the rack January 11, 2022
    When it comes to data storage and server racks, sometimes off the rack isn’t the best way to stay track.
  • The Levels of Rack Customizations January 10, 2022
    Finding a standard rack that fits build requirements is possible, but, if it’s not the right fit for the data center, then finding a rack manufacturer that specializes in customizing their standard cabinets will be the best choice for optimum customization.

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