Board Message

Ross RebracaDear Members:

Thank you for the continued opportunity to serve as president of the 7×24 Exchange DC Chapter. While it is a very exciting time for our industry with more growth than ever seen before we are all disappointed that this growth is driven by the COVID pandemic we are all struggling to deal with. It has taken us to New-Normal and we all should be proud to be a part of an industry that has continued to grow and flourish during these trying times.

Our commitment is to remain relevant to our members and audience as we present high quality networking events while working within COVID safety guidelines as well as educational programs with meaningful content and people that will inspire and stimulate business. We appreciate all the support we have received thus far, allowing our chapter to award over $200,000 dollars in scholarship funds in the last 10 years. These students enter our industry with optimism and energy forging a better future with their innovation and knowledge. Sincere thanks to all of you that have agreed to support our events when asked and donate your most precious commodity of “time” to our mission.

It takes a lot of dedication to maintain the momentum of this organization and for that reason, we, the Board, of the Washington, DC Chapter are extremely appreciative of our member’s support. I am proud to report some of our achievements and successes during the last few years. I’ll start with our annual golf tournaments. For the past 10 years, this event has been sold out and has allowed us to donate over  $200,000 to different charitable organizations. Our Chapter meetings have been well attended and have also provided us the opportunity to continue our scholarship program.

I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the DC Chapter Board of Directors for all their support and personal time investment. None of this could have been accomplished without their hard work and dedication. With that, I ask you to join me in thanking. Lillian Rivera with Bureau Veritas Primary Integration (BVPI), Brian Brobst with Rosendin, John Becker with Freddie Mac, Julie Forsht with PowerSmiths, Don Miller with Holder Construction, Kurt Wallner with DPR, Trisann Casamiquela with Stack Infrastructure, Karen Petersburg with Digital Realty, Adam Black with Google, David Rezash with Facebook, Craig Deering with BVPI, Daren Shumate with Shumate Engineers and Rob Courson with Page.

We are very happy to present our new website and are hoping to keep you informed of our upcoming events. We look forward to an exciting year of activities. We need your involvement with all of our chapter events. You will develop in areas professionally because of your connection with the 7×24 DC Chapter. Tell a friend or a business associate about us and you will make a friend/associate for life!


Ross Rebraca
President, 7×24 DC Chapter

US Capitol